Usability testing for myRAU

We are now ready to run some usability testing on myRAU with students. Usability testing involves systematic observation under controlled conditions to determine how well people can use the developed product. Feedback from the testing will allow us to make changes to myRAU service in advance of release and provide us with the best opportunity of releasing a service that is fit for purpose and without issues.

We will be using the ‘five users is enough’ approach and aim to test on five RAU students. We have set ourselves a challenge and would like to make sure that we cover some key areas in our testing to ensure accessibility. We are keen to recruit at least one student in the following areas:

  • a student with dyslexia (RAU has over 25% dyslexic students and accessibility will be one of the principals of our digital strategy)
  • a student with sight issues
  • a mature student

A recruitment campaign will be launched later today (see poster below).


The testing will cover both the mobile and the desktop version of myRAU. Prior to testing we will make an inventory of the participant’s hardware (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) they will carry out a series of tasks while being observed. We will be looking at areas including:

  • How the system works with a range of laptops, tablets and mobile devices with different screen sizes and hardware configurations like a hard keypad, virtual keypad (touch screen) and trackball etc.
  • UI issues such as button layout, tile colours,  methods for moving forward and back, appropriate text, font size readability, appropriate personalisation and customization etc.
  • General feedback on usability.