Best of Both Worlds – Making the Most of the Library Remotely Using Learning Technology. A Graphic Guide.

Don’t let Learning Technology get in the way of your education

Susan Baker, Library Operations Manager and Pip McDonald Learning Technologist, explore how to make the most of the library in a remote capacity using learning technology. This is a collaborative blog post to bring together the Library and Learning Technology at RAU. The Library plays an important role in your student journey and the digital studuent experience. Due to the impact of the global pandemic, accessing the Library off campus has become important. The Library itself is always changing and evolving to embrace digital tools and has been argued to be a “virtual destination” (Campbell, 2006).

What do we really know about how students use learning resources?

Kernohan, 2021

At the RAU, Learning Technology can help to engage with the Library when you are not on campus. It is important to acknowledge that “The role of…libraries in our digital age is one of the most pressing concerns of humanities, scholars and citizens worldwide” (Mizruchi, 2020: p2). In this blog post, we explore four key ways to do this.

4 Key Ways to Make the Most of the Library in a Remote Capacity Using Learning Technology

RAU Resource Lists

RAU Resource Lists enable students to access a list of resources for each module, many of which are available online. As the RAU Library say, RAU Resource Lists “…are full of ideas of what to read, where to start and have links to relevant online books and articles” (RAU Library, n.d.).

RAU Resource Lists

Login to Gateway and scroll to the bottom of the page. RAU Resource Lists are located on the menu on the bottom left-hand side of the page. Click on ‘RAU Resource Lists’. Login to the RAU Resource Lists by using the same login as you use for Gateway.

Go to Gateway

Type in a module title or topic or key work into the search box. A list of modules will be shown below. Click on the module to view the list of resources.

Using RAU Resource Lists to find modules

Click on a module to load the online resources.

Using RAU Resource Lists to find online resources

It is possible to view the online module resources on each individual module page. You can also download the resources list by clicking on ‘View & Export’.

Using the ‘View & Export’ function in RAU Resource Lists

Find IT @ RAU

Find it @RAU is a dynamic way to search for a wide range of resources including e-books, journals, databases and the library catalogue.

Go to Gateway

Go to Gateway If required, login using your username and password.

It is possible to view Find it @ RAU at the top of the ‘Access and Search the E-Library’ tab of the Gateway pages for the Library.

Find it @ RAU

Access Find It @ RAU directly here or copy and paste the following URL into an internet browser:,shib&profile=eds&group=main&custid=ns010817

Find It @ RAU is also available on the Library Catalogue Search page here or copy and paste the following URL into an internet browser:

Sign in to Find It @ RAU

In order to create a successful search, type your search into the box. You can then narrow down your search results. Access the results of your search. Ensure that you sign in, in order to customise your results.  Enter your search terms. It is possible to also use the Advanced Search feature.

Library Catalogue – Heritage

The Library Catalogue Search or copy and paste the following URL into an internet browser:

Click on ‘Enter Library’.

Type text into the search box such as a key word, title or author. Use the right hand drop down menu to narrow down the research for example example to ‘book, ‘e-book’ or ‘dissertation.

Using the Library Catalogue – Heritage
Example of Search Results in the Library Catalogue

Library Pages on Gateway

Go to Gateway

There six main tabs on the Library Pages on Gateway including About the Library, Access and Search the E-Library, How to Guides, Suggestions and Requests, Library Policies and Copyright Guidance.

Library Pages on Gateway

It is possible to find information on library opening hours, Click & Collect service and contact details for the library on the About the Library tab.

You can find the Library Pages on Gateway here or copy and paste the following URL into an internet browser:

Login with your RAU username and password.

You can access the ‘How to Guides’ here or copy and paste the following URL into an internet browser:

Library Pages on Gateway

Change the dispolay of the search results


A White Paper was published that identified the existence of “digital estates” in higher education (Manifesto, 2021). Is the Library part of the “digital estate?” (Manifesto, 2021). Using both the RAU’s Library and its learning technology are fundamental to making the most of your studies and to ensure you have a positive student experience. It is possible to acknowledge a “worst-case scenario” where students suffer “the worst of both worlds” – those enjoying the online component being forced to participate in web-based communication, and those happier communicating online having to attend classes” (Sharma & Barrett, 2007: p8). As a student during challenging times, it is critical to make the best of both worlds. We encourage you to make the most of the Library remotely using Learning Technology.

From 8th March the Library is open Mon – Fri 9am-5pm by appointment only. Appointments are needed to collect a reservation or to book a limited number of study spaces via Online support is available from 10am to 5pm Sat – Sun via

Please check the Library Gateway pages and the Library blog for changes.

Make an appointment in order to collect reservations ordered via the Click & Collect service.

Online support is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and from 10am to 5pm Saturday to Sunday.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Check out the Library blog here.

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Contacting the Library


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