The Creative Empire Strikes Back. Exploring Creative Approaches to Building and Fostering Community with #CreativeHE.

The #CreativeHE community “…supports pedagogical rebels and free-thinking innovators in experimenting with, developing, sharing and getting support for novel learning and teaching ideas. Together we aim to transform the student and staff experience within and beyond institutional boundaries” (#CreativeHE, n.d.).

Having successfully achieved Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 and 2 in 2020 and having attended a bootcamp, I was really keen to embed creativity in my approach to being a Learning Technologist.

I had attended one of the #CreativeHE events before and was struck by how innovative, inclusive and supportive the community was. This felt like something I really wanted to be part of. When the call for contributions was announced for the meet up in February 2021, I did not hesitate. We were invited to contribute one slide to a Google slide deck with a series of prompts to respond to for a 5 minute presentation. The theme for the event was exploring Creative approaches to building and fostering community with CreativeHE. I shared my experience of preparing to be an AI Wellness space facilitator at Mozfest 2021. The event started with an opportunity to contribute to a collaborative Jamboard which was an effective way to engage our community in a multimodal capacity.

As part of the campfire stories part of the meetup, I shared how we build up a toolkit of approaches and tools to create and nurture a community even if it is a temporary community as part of an online event. I was inspired by the idea that it is possible to “arrive with an idea, leave with a community” (Mozfest 2021). My submission to Mozfest 2021 is called The Post Digital Audio Quilt. The idea of the quilt was inspired by the FemEdTech Quilt which is a physical quilt which was co-created.

I wanted to draw on metaphor of ‘quilting’ in an audio context. The idea is that we would tell a story together. Having experiment with this approach on DS106radio, I was keen to explore the post digital ideas in terms of exploring the human component of using technology particularly in a speculative AI world. I shared a number of tools for example Soundtrap by Spotify, PhilospherAI and Rory’s Story Cubes to engage the community with the topic.

The Post Digital Audio Quilt Slide presented at the #CreativeHE Meetup February 2021

The #CreativeHE community provided useful feedback on our presentations. Beth Cross shared her ideas and work on quilting here with an interesting article about walking and weaving here.

One of the most moving and meaningful presentations was from Dr. Paul Kleiman (@PaulKleiman) exploring bereavement and creativity. One of the fun highlights of the #CreativeHE meetup was the opportunity to dress up facilitated by Neil Carey from Manchester Metropolitan University (@NeilC). The fun can be seen in the screenshots form Microsoft Teams in ‘Together Mode’.

Having fun dressing up

#CreativeHE is a community that that is a privilege to be part of. Perhaps we should all intend to create little (creative) fires, everywhere!


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