Unpacking the PressEd Twitter Conference Experience. A Digital Assemblage?

(@pressedconf, 2021)

The term assemblage in art refers to “…art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist or bought specially” (Tate Modern, n.d.) The PressEd conference could be argued to be a ‘digital assemblage’ of a range of tweets from different contributors.

PressEd is an annual conference on Twitter that explores “teaching, pedagogy and research pedagogy” on WordPress (PressEd, n.d.). It draws inpsiration from the Public Archaeology Twitter Conference. At the RAU, we use WordPress as a platform for both our Digital Transformation and Library blogs. The conference itself is organised by Natalie Lafferty from the Centre for Technology and Innovation in Learning at the University of Dundee (@nlafferty) and Pat Lockey (@pgogy) previously at University of Nottingham and Oxford with a WordPress dot Org profile.

Presenters are assigned 10-15 tweets within a 15 minutes time period to share ideas on Twitter. This can include text, images, videos, and gifs. Helpful guidance is provided to presenters for example exploring digital accessibility in Twitter by adding image descriptions and VoiceOver. Each year, the conference has a hashtag, so it is possible explore the conference content such as  #pressedconf18  #pressedconf19 and #pressEdConf20. This year’s hashtag is #pressedconf21.

I presented at the PressEd conference in 2019 on the topic of Me, Myself and Multimodality: Exploring Multimodal Opportunities (MLOs) on WordPress with the Twitter moment is available here. I also presented at again in 2020 on the topic of Close Encounters of the Accessible Kind: Exploring digital accessibility on WordPress. Tweets are available here. This year, I presented on the topic of Now That’s What I Call WordPress! Exploring WordPress for Radio enhanced learning Opportunities (RELO).

Example Tweet from Presentation (@PipMac6, 2021)

It is possible to follow the PressEd Conference on Twitter here – @pressedconf and explore the schedule here. You can access the tweets from the presenters for the 2021 conference in the PressEdConf21 Presenters list here. A Twitter moment with the tweets form my presentation is available here. Calls for contributions are advertised annually and it is also possible to submit your WordPress projects to the gallery here. Email hey@pressedconf.org for more info.


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