Student digital insight survey

Yesterday we launched our Student digital insight survey for this year.

The student Insight survey is a national survey run by Jisc which aims to find out more about how students use digital technologies and how this affects their experience of learning.


We last ran this survey (or the previous version of this survey) in April 2018. You can read more about the results and see a presentation we gave at the Data matters conference in January 2019.

Changes to the last survey

The majority of questions are the same as the last survey we ran and we will be very interested in comparing results. Have we made improvements? Or are there still clear indicators of work to be done?

We have however added in a few new questions. These have been shamelessly stolen from feedback in webinars and mailing lists (apologies I can’t recall which institutions they are from). The first new set of questions relate to digital skills. They ask our students about how important different skills are and how they would like to learn them.

skillsThe second set of questions are about the tools we use e.g our VLE, video system, tech in teaching and study spaces etc.


We are taking a softly, softly approach to the survey but will be promoting through the following mechanisms:

  • Email to all students
  • Ticker bar on Gateway (our VLE)
  • Digital screens
  • Through the myRAU app as a banner and a news item
  • Information on social media sites
  • Posters
  • Through the OurRAU news
  • By sharing slides with our academics so they can mention the survey in lectures

We will report back next month on how it has gone.



This week has seen the launch of the National Student Survey (NSS) at RAU. The NSS “gathers opinions from students about their time in higher education, asking them to provide honest feedback on what it has been like to study on their course at their university/college“. There are 27 questions relating to eight aspects of the student experience and the survey is for students in their last year of study. The NSS is run by Ipsos MORI.


SSS and Survey checker

Internally we are giving students who aren’t eligible for the NSS the opportunity to complete our own version of the survey called the Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS). The survey has been created in Jisc’s Online Surveys. – which we are increasingly using for student surveys.


Student are often unsure on which survey they should fill in. To help point them in the right direction we have created and internal survey checker. The checker is available from Gateway (our VLE) and through myRAU. Big thanks to Danny in IT for his work on this.


Supporting materials

To support the surveys we also have a page on Gateway with information about the various surveys we run throughout the year. This page contains general You Said, We Did  information, also up on our display screens. There is also a generic email address for survey queries.


Fingers crossed for a good response rate!