So long and thanks for all the fish!

After 3 years at the Royal Agricultural University, I will be moving on in the new year and taking up the position of Learning Technologies Production Manager at the University College of Estate Management (UCEM). I’ve had an amazing time at RAU and am really sad to leave my colleagues.

ITS at the start of 2020

Before I go I’d like to highlight some of the things we (not just me!) have achieved over the last 3 year in the Learning Technology team.

Since November 2017 we have:

  • Increased the team from one person to four people. You may remember that I gave this presentation at the 2018 ALT conference about growing a learning technology culture in which I reflected on being in a one-person team.
  • Taken a strategic approach to our Gateway (Moodle) site. This has mainly been through the VLE working group, which comprises of ITS staff, library staff and academics.
  • Enforced a regular upgrade cycle for Gateway (Moodle). This has involved upgrading the version (- in 2017 we were on version 2.7, we are now on 3.8.3), creating blank templates/pages for modules, creating a Baseline for academic staff to follow, introducing a testing process and following a set timeline.
  • Improved Gateway’s content and design. The front pages have been redesigned, content has been audited and updated. There is now a Gateway user group to support non-academics with page editing.
  • Created two fully online courses as part of the Catalyst project. The courses have set a bar for other module content.
  • Delivered transnational online teaching to Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU) in China. The 8 weeks of teaching has involved pre-recorded content and online interactive sessions in Zoom.
  • Pivoted content online due to the pandemic. This has been done through the RAU blended curriculum.
  • Embedded use of the Panopto video management system. Panopto was in place three years ago but was underused by academics. We have trained staff and put in place processes that enabled us to deliver video content for all modules for the blended curriculum. We’ve also carried out a lot of media content creation.
  • Introduced Mahara ePortfolio. Mahara was another tool that we had but weren’t using. We have trained staff and began using ePortfolios on a number of modules.
  • Moved mid-module feedback surveys online. Also supported the NSS and internal Student Satisfaction Survey.
  • Found out what our staff and student think using the Jisc Digital insights survey. The survey has run for the last three years.
  • Improved digital accessibility at the RAU. Through creation of the digital accessibility group, writing a VLE accessibility statement, automation of caption creation on Panopto, supporting various accessibility tools including Browsealoud and TextHelp.
  • Implemented Talis Aspire reading lists. This system now supports all our book purchasing and module resources lists.
  • Improved our publications repository offering. The RAU are a member of the GuildHE CREST site. The site has been improved and processes established to support the submission of publications to the repository and the next REF.
  • Implemented myday mobile and desktop app. The myRAU app is now available to all students.
  • Procured Vevox as the new Student Response system. Vevox will be fully implemented in the new year.
  • Project managed the Office 365  implementation. Elements of this, such as Teams, have been expedited due to the need for online delivery. Other elements such as the Intranet remain outstanding. This has been, and continues to be, a significant piece of work.
  • Participated in the Landex Learning Materials and Technology committee. This has allowed us to use H5P content from the land Based Learning Online site on our VLE.
  • Assisted curriculum development. Through participation on programme design groups, involvement in validation panels, leading on module design and design jams.
  • Delivered analytics and statistics. For the VLE, student reporting and annual statistics reports.
  • Written this blog and the TEL tips journal.
The LT Team with Alun Dawes, head of IT. From left: Pip McDonald, Alun Dawes, Husna Ahmed, Marieke Guy and Chantal Schipper

That’s an incredible lot of work we’ve ploughed our way through! I’m very proud of the Learning Technology team and wish them all the best for the future.

LTs and Business analysts night out 2019

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone!

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