Site types, web parts and other fun

Our Office 365 implementation rolls on…

We have now upgraded almost all devices to Windows 10​ and at the end of last year we migrated staff email and calendar accounts to the cloud​. Our main activity in 2020 so far has been a large amount of scoping and ground work. Nick Skelton, an independent consultant, formerly Director (Digital Workspace) at the University of Bristol, has been helping us move things forward.

Today we were joined by O365 architect Max Joss who worked with our technical lead on answering some key questions. The answers will help us with our initial Intranet designs.

  • What are the limitations of creating particular site types and the options on moving between them?
  • How do you use hub sites and site collections?
  • How do you apply branding across the site?
  • How do you effectively share navigation shared across multiple sites?
  • What templates are required for top-level pages based on layout and specifications?
  • How do you import and making custom web parts?
  • How do you effectively configure a site wide search?
  • How do you surface emails and calendar as a web part?
Our Office 365 team

Our Office 365 team

It was a really useful day and we now have the beginnings of our training site.

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