Out on the farm

The University has a number of farms that are used to allow students to gain practical agricultural skills. The farms are based at two locations in close proximity to the campus. Coates Manor Farm and Harnhill Manor Farm total 491 hectares in size (1,200 acres), and offer very different farming systems. There is also an equine enterprise providing a stabling and livery facility at Fossehill Farm and a large dairy complex in Kemble. You can read more about the farms on the RAU Website.

RAU cows at Harnhill

RAU cows at Harnhill

It is important that the farm management team  know who has visited the farm and what exactly they have been doing while there. At the moment this information is collected through texts but we have been working with Dale Webb, who manages the farms, to see if there is an easier process. We have now added a tile to the myRAU app that allows students to register their visit through an online form.

Earlier this week Dale took us on a tour of the farms to check the network signal at the farms – the all important factor when using an app. The signal was really strong and use of the app and tile is now being piloted by visitors to the farm.


Hopefully it will make the farm team’s life a little easier and they can concentrate on keeping the cows, sheep and pigs happy!

Update 1st April 2019

There are now posters up advertising the app.

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