Not just for mobiles…

The students have really taken to myRAU and we’ve had a lot of useful feedback so far. Some early quick and dirty analytics shows:

App downloads for September (no data for October available yet)

  • Apple App store – 411 downloads
  • Google play – 138 downloads

Usage (last 2 weeks, 20th September – 3rd October)

  • Average returning users by day 157
  • Number of sessions 7,000
  • Average session length 8 minutes
  • Mail (4199), Calendar (1257) and Courses (545) are the most popular tiles. Below are the next most popular tiles (I’ve removed everything with less than 10 hits)


We are also seeing 97% of usage currently on a mobile. While this is great it seems that we now have a job to do promoting browser use of the site. If we want use to be ubiquitous we need to get the message across that myRAU is not just for mobiles. Students can set it as that home page on their browsers too.


I can see a campaign starting…

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