Get on the myRAU app

myRAU is ready to go for the start of the academic year.


One of the main challenges we now have is making sure that students find the desktop site and mobile app, sign up and start using it. Over the next few weeks we will be pulling together all our ideas on how we make this happen, from induction week treasure hunts and myRAU flyers, to making sure all routes (or links) lead to myRAU. Our marketing team are working on a myRAU page to complement (or possibly replace) our internal support page. It’s really important that the service is as visible as possible. Colleagues have even suggested that I dress up as a mobile phone and hand out leaflets!

I’ve created a couple of links to help students find the app – links to the App store and Google Play along with QR codes.

QR_myRAU_Googel_Play (1)QR_myRAU_Googel_Play (1)

en_app_rgb_wo_60        apple1

We’ve also been admiring how other universities share their myday service so the idea above is borrowed from Anglia Ruskin. University of South Wales has a slick video (we might try this later on) and University of Leicester provide lots of useful information.

We believe that once students start using the service they won’t look back – but we need to get them on there first!

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