Training on RAU Resource Lists

This week we began the main training programme for our academics in how to use RAU resource Lists. The training follows on from the pilot that ran earlier this year which involved one-to-one instruction with 20 academics. These academics have now moved on to publishing their own lists and helping support other staff in the one-hour training sessions taking place for each of the seven RAU centres.

'What exactly is a resource list?' ineractive training

‘What exactly is a resource list?’ interactive training

As a complimentary activity to run alongside the main training today we ran an interactive session entitled ‘What exactly is a Resource List?’ The session, which was based on a great Talis webinar from Allie Taylor of the University of Worcester, got staff to think about their previous practice in creating lists.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 20.55.56

There were some meaty discussions about future practice (open lists vs closed lists, online content vs texts etc.) and hopefully it has got staff thinking about how they can use their resource lists as a pedagogic tool.

You can see the slides on

The training will continue over July with the expectation that there will be lists for the majority of modules by the start of the academic year.

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