Friday TEL Tips

During my time at the RAU it’s become clear that we have some really great tools for staff and students to use. These range from moodle, mahara and Panopto to various pedagogic tools such as NVivo, SPSS, Dragon, and Sensus Access. However staff and students often don’t know that these tools are there, or what they do, or how they could use them in their teaching and learning.

The idea of TEL tips isn’t revolutionary. It’s just a weekly tip that shares one quick bit of inside knowledge on a tool that is out there, or a way of doing things that makes life easier or a may to make content more accessible to users. The tips are very focused on RAU activities and tools and I try to make them relevant to the academic year. The idea is loosely based on the 1 minute CPD blog-I’m sure there are many similar resources out there.


I send the tips out by email to all learning and teaching staff. Staff have the option to ask to be removed from the list if they aren’t interested but I’ve only had one removal request so far.

If you have an idea for TEL Tip, or is there is something you would like to know then send it over and we can share it with the RAU community!

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