VR immersive learning fieldscapes

Today David Burden, managing director of Daden Limited joined us to demo and talk about Fieldscapes and Datascape.

Daden have been working with 3D, VR and AI for over 10 years. In the past the projects they have worked on have been large-scale bespoke one-offs. However in 2015 Daden secured £230,000 of Innovate UK funding allowing them to develop their virtual field trip concept as a national service for schools and universities.

Fieldscapes allows those involved in teaching and learning to create 3D and VR immersive learning exercises for students. These then place the students in relevant locations so that they can better understand the context of what they are learning. Whilst initially developed for virtual field-trips Fieldscapes can be applied to almost any discipline: environmental and earth sciences are natural applications, but you can also use it to teach vocational subjects.

Using Fieldscapes the technically challenging task of creating 3D locations is separated from the pedagogically creative task of lesson and exercise creation. Once a location is published and shared on Fieldscapes it is easy for and educator to use the 3D editor to drag-and-drop objects around the location, and use Fieldscape’s forms-based PIVOTE virtual learning authoring system to create rich and diverse learning experiences.

David Burden from Daden Ltd

David Burden from Daden Ltd

David gave as overview of how an educator would set up a fieldscape by adding 3D props to a virtual landscape and then assigning actions to those props.

Recently Daden have been working with a number of other institutions to create virtual teaching landscapes including a virtual cow shed, moon walk and hill climb. One of their most most recent projects is working with the National Trust on creating a virtual Avebury.

Virtual cowshed

Virtual cowshed

While the projects are designed to work on standard tech solutions they can also be used with VR headsets like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard.

Unfortunately David didn’t get time to show us Datascape – a separate application to display data in 3D and VR, particularly useful when you want to show time above a map. Daden are currently working to integrate the Datascape functionality into Fieldscapes so that you can use the Fieldscapes environment to view data within a multi-user, 3D modelled, environment.

Everyone who attended the talk was slightly blown away by the possibilities Fieldscapes offers. We hope to be able to work with Daden on some virtual RAU scapes in the future.

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