Appy about myRAU

I haven’t written about myday for a while. That’s because we have been rethinking how we use it and what we call it.

After a review of our existing applicant portal (currently called myRAU) we have decided to embed some of it’s functionality into our myday incarnation. The real benefit of this is that we can call our version of myday by the much more appropriate name – myRAU. Students will also benefit from a much smoother use of systems on their RAU journey as they will be introduced to myRAU at the start of their application process and will continue to use it through their student life. This is all good news, but the rethink has put us back a little timewise.

Things are now back on track and we are just about to move on to user testing with students using both the web version and the mobile version of myRAU.

The mobile version has just been released on the app store and Google play – though there is still work to do before we advertise it to students.

MyRAU on the App store

MyRAU on the App store

We hope to carry out user testing in the next month and will be releasing the software shortly after.

In the meantime we will continue to argue about the colour of the tiles….!


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