TEL Pages on Gateway

We are in the process of developing some Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) pages on Gateway – the RAU’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). These pages will hopefully be the first port of call for teaching staff wanting to embed technology in their learning and teaching.

TEL-picThe TEL pages on Gateway

Currently the pages include the following tabs:

  • What is TEL? – An explanation of what TEL is and some key concepts.
  • Technology Tools – A list of over 30 tools that can be used by teaching staff inside and outside the classroom.
  • Support – Information on where you can get support from and which RAU staff can help.
  • Lesson Ideas – Includes a lesson bank of ideas based on activity by RAU staff. This is a growing resource that will be developed over time.
  • Conferences – Interesting events and conferences that could offer ideas for learning and teaching staff.
  • Inspiration – A selection of great resources to get people inspires – all shared in Padlet.
  • Pedagogy – Information on pedagogy and TEL.

If you are interested in contributing some content to the pages do let us know. Note that you will need to have an RAU account to access the pages on Gateway.

TEL-inspirationTEL inspiration on Padlet


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