Feeling Inspired with Talis Aspire

So where is the single source of truth for a reading list? Is it the version held in the VLE? Or the list handed out by an academic? Or what about the items mentioned on a module sheet? Or are the Library the all-knowing sages who have the final say?

Confusion over…

In the new year we will rolling out Talis Aspire reading lists at RAU. The Talis Aspire reading list system offers a centralised way to manage reading lists.

Teaching staff can create and oversee their reading lists online and can link them to any type of relevant resource. Links can also be made with our current RAU Library Management System (LMS) – Heritage Cirqua developed by IS Oxford. These can then be integrated within a module page on our VLE. The Talis Aspire service goes beyond serving up lists of text books – the content can include journal articles, ebooks, video content, bookmarked text and more.

Students will be able to access their reading lists in a consistent way across modules and can prioritise and add notes to their readings. They can also download bibliographies ready for use in essays.

Library staff can monitor created reading lists and ensure there are better links between what exists on site in the library and what is being recommended by academics. They can also support access to the most current edition of resources.

RAU Resource Lists

RAU Resource Lists


In February 2018 a two-day training session will take place for all staff who will be involved in supporting RAU Resource list. Prior to that we will be looking for teaching staff who would be interested in serving as guinea pigs and having their resource lists set up in the pilot stage of the project.

If you are interested in being one of the first to have a fully functioning list ready for your students to use then let me know – marieke.guy@rau.ac.uk

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