Make myday…

In early 2018 we will be rolling out myday at the RAU. The RAU version of myday will be called RAU Hub.

myday is a portal developed by Collabco that allows students to access all university resources via one login on their smart phone, table or laptop – delivering email, calendar, lecture notes and learning tools, library resources as well as extra-curricular services to them. myday will also provide a way to communicate with the student population either en masse or identity-driven across the courses, and can also be used for open days by those prospective students that are considering applying.


The benefits of implementing myday at RAU are that it will:

  • Offer single sign on allowing access to the information most commonly accessed by RAU students: e.g. library, balance information including printing, mail, attendance information, VLE, social media, news etc.
  • Potentially increase student use of Gateway through improved usability
  • Improve the user experience when accessing through a mobile phone
  • Reduce the need for IT intervention due to integration and intuitive design
  • Allow targeted communications and interventions through push mechanisms

We are now setting up our integrations but hope that the initial release of the app will include access to:

  • student email
  • student calendar and timetable
  • the RAU Library Catalogue and learning resources
  • Gateway (our VLE) and module information
  • your attendance
  • up-to-date RAU news
  • online balances including Uni card, papercut and WPM payments

Once released if users would like to see new tiles they can let us know by emailing

We will keep you posted on developments!

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